What are the key components of Puppet?

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What are the key components of puppet?
Mar 8 in Puppet by Neel

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These are the following key components of puppet:

  1. Puppet master - Puppet master runs on the server and manages all the nodes.
  2. Puppet Agent - Puppet agent runs on the client. they are the target machines here.
  3. Config repository - This is where all the server related configurations and nodes are stored.
  4. Facts - They are global variables obtaining important machine level information.
  5. Catalog - All configurations that are written in puppet are converted to a compiled format called catalog.
  6. Manifests - these are files that need to be checked and changed.
  7. Class - Like other programming languages, even puppet has classes to organize its code better.
  8. Resources - In puppet codes, the coding block that is defined by declaring resources where resources may represent packages, files, users, commands.
  9. Nodes - All servers or clients that need to be managed are called nodes.​​
answered Mar 8 by Veena

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