What are puppet manifests

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What are puppet manifests and how are they used?

Mar 11, 2019 in Puppet by Kavya

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Puppet manifest files are the files where all the resources, that is, services, packages or files that need to be checked and changed are declared. Puppet manifest files have the extension “.pp”.

Manifest files consist of the following components:

  • Files: Plain text files that are to be imported and placed in the target location
  • Resources: Resources represent the element that you need to evaluate or change. Resources can be files, Packages etc.
  • Node definition: A block of code in puppet where all the information and definition about the client node is defined.
  • Templates: Templates are used to create configuration files on nodes and can be reused later.
  • Classes: Classes is what we use to group together different types of resources.
resourcetype { ‘title’:argument or attribute1  => value,
argument or attribute2 => value, }
answered Mar 11, 2019 by Shalaka

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