List a few scenarios where Puppet could be used

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What are few scenarios where Puppet Enterprise could be useful?
Jul 26, 2019 in Puppet by Nizam

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Here are a few scenarios where Puppet Enterprise could be useful: 

  • Node Management: Manage a large number of nodes with Puppet.

  • Code Management: Puppet supports Infrastructure as code. It is easy to manage, deploy, and test the environment configuration for Development, Testing and Production environments.

  • Reporting & Visualization: Puppet provides Graphical tools to visualize and see the status of infrastructure configuration.

  • Provisioning Automation: Using Puppet we can automate deployment for creating  new servers and resources.

  • Orchestration: For a large Cluster of nodes, we can orchestrate the complete process by using Puppet. It can follow the order in which we want to deploy the infrastructure environments.

  • Automation of Configuration: With Configuration automation, the chances of manual errors are reduced. The process becomes more reliable with this.

answered Jul 26, 2019 by Sirajul
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