Where should the testing files be located to run puppet-parser-validate puppet-lint against pp in a Jenkins Puppet setup

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I need to run puppet-parser-validate, and puppet-lint on my existing puppet infrastructure, aboard I actually have a Jenkins server and have organized a Jenkins job that is triggered by a gitlab push.
The project structure is as follows:
I have no idea as to where the testing files should be located to run puppet-parser-validate/puppet-lint against *.pp. Can somebody please help me with this?
Aug 8, 2019 in Puppet by anonymous
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  • Rake is sophisticated test runner written in Ruby and is a standard way of running test. You can do it with help of systems such as Rake. 

  • You can see example of Rake files when you generate new Puppet module with puppet module generate companyname-modulename command. 

  • In root directory of your project you will find Rakefile where you will see default configuration. 

  • In default configuration you can see that validation task is already done and ready to use. Just make sure that paths are all good.

  • To run validation task you need to make sure that gems mentioned in Gemfile are installed. You can do it with bundle install

  • To run validation task just run bundle exec rake validate.

    Source: StackOverflow.

answered Aug 8, 2019 by Sirajul
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