Could you demonstrate a simple docker puppet integration?

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Jul 9 in Docker by Jhon

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Here's a simple demo of puppet-docker example:

Assuming you already have Docker installed and running on your machine:

  • First let’s create a simple Docker network.
docker network create puppet
  • With the network created, let’s launch an instance of Puppet Server:
docker run --net puppet --name puppet --hostname puppet puppet/puppetserver-standalone
  • Finally let’s run a simple agent:
docker run --net puppet puppet/puppet-agent-alpine

The output from both of the containers, shows the agent-master connection and a summary of the agent run. 

This example, just tells that the container will launch, connect to the Puppet Server, apply any required changes and then terminate.

It demonstrates the basic agent-master connectivity in a Hello World fashion. 

answered Jul 9 by Sirajul
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