How to transfer docker images from one machine to another without using a repository?

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I created my own docker image on a virtualbox and I want to deploy it to other machines without using the repository.

Are there any simple commands to do this?
Jul 11, 2018 in Docker by Tyrion anex
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You can do this by saving the docker image as a tar file using the following command:

docker save -o <path for generated tar file> <image_name>

After this, copy your image to another system(using cp or scp) Once this is done, load the image into docker using the following command:

docker load -i <path to image tar file
answered Jul 11, 2018 by Sophie may
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To save an image to any file path or shared NFS place, 

  • To get the image id:

sudo docker images
  • Say you have an image with id "table-data".

  • Save the image with id:

sudo docker save -o /home/table/table-data.tar table-data
  • Copy the image from the path to any host. Now import to your local Docker installation using:

sudo docker load -i <path to copied image file>
answered Aug 13, 2019 by Sirajul
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