Could you please provide roles and responsibilities for a person skilled with Docker Tool

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Could you please provide roles and responsibilities for a person skilled with Docker Tool?
Oct 28, 2020 in Docker by anonymous
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Docker plays a crucial role in DevOps, especially if you are working on microservices. Docker is used to build containers in CI flow, where you will perform source code analysis, unit test cases on the source code, if it works fine then you will be building and pushing this image to the registry.

In CD, you will deploy this container in Kubernetes and performs some application-level test cases. This you will continue in different stages (For example Development, Staging, Production). Once a container is deployed in production, further you will monitor logs using ELK stack using containers and analyze metrics using GHI stack using Containers. Most of the tools which are used to create a workflow will be running in Docker containers. “So the entire DevOps workflow is Containerized”

Different job roles are:
1. Release Manager – The one releasing new features & ensuring post-release product stability
2. Automation Expert – The guy responsible for achieving automation & orchestration of tools
3. Software Developer/ Tester – The one who actually develops the code and tests it
4. Quality Assurance – The one who ensures the quality of the product conforms to its requirement
5. Security Engineer – The one always monitoring the product’s security & health

The different responsibilities are:
1. Managing .NET apps and migrating them off Windows Server
2. How networking with containers work and how to build an agile and secure network for containers
3. How to achieve a secure and compliant application environment for any industry
4. Integrating Docker with monitoring and logging tools
answered Oct 28, 2020 by Ashish

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