How does mixing Swarm and Kubernetes work in the same cluster?

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Can i use Swarm and Kubernetes together? How does this work on the same cluster?
Jul 5, 2019 in Docker by Sam
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Yes you could use them together.

When you add a node to the cluster, the node’s workloads are managed by a default orchestrator, either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. 

You can use Docker EE 2.0  to install Kubernetes and Swarm components across every node in a cluster.When you install Docker EE, new nodes are managed by Docker Swarm, but you can change the default orchestrator in the administrator settings.

You can set whether each individual worker node is Kubernetes or Swarm or in “Mixed” mode, and Docker EE will ensure workloads are scheduled appropriately.When you change a node’s orchestrator, you can choose to run the node in a mixed mode, with both Kubernetes and Swarm workloads.

To schedule Kubernetes and Swarm workloads on a node:

docker node update --label-add com.docker.ucp.orchestrator.swarm=true <node-id>
docker node update --label-add com.docker.ucp.orchestrator.kubernetes=true <node-id>

One advantage of using the Mixed type is that The Mixed type enables workloads to be scheduled by Kubernetes and Swarm both on the same node. 

The Mixed type is not intended for production use, and it may impact existing workloads on the node.This is because the two orchestrator types have different views of the node’s resources, and they don’t know about each other’s workloads. One orchestrator can schedule a workload without knowing that the node’s resources are already committed to another workload that was scheduled by the other orchestrator. When this happens, the node could run out of memory or other resources.

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