Nginx: 502 Bad Gateway error after deploying redmine in kubernetes cluster.

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I tried to deploy redmine in kubernetes cluster (containing 1 master and 2 workers) through this helm chart "" with nginx ingress controller enabled, the deployment done with success but when I tried to access the application through the name of the host mentioned in the ingress.yaml file I get this warning: "502 Bad Gateway nginx / 1.17.0" on the other hand all the pods are in "running" state.

Do you have an idea about how to solve this problem?

I think the problem is coming from the deployed application itself "redmine" there is the outputs to explain more the situation.

Jul 5 in Kubernetes by Mehrez
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As you've mentioned

all the pods are in "running" state.

But the third pod is not running. It's in CrashLoopBackOff state. 

Yeah do u have an idea about how to fix that problem?

Have a look at this for Node in CrashLoopBackOff:

Also @Mehrez, this seems like the redmine issue to me. Did you try deploying it without the ingress?
No I try to deploy it w/ ingress enabled!
You have pulled the docker image for redmine as shown in one of the screenshots.

Pulling image " /bitnami/redmine...."

Try to run this docker image without kubernetes, without ingress. If it works you know the issue is with the ingress.

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I have fixed the problem! the issue was in the image itself it restarts periodically which means the pod failed to create the container!
answered Jul 12 by Mehrez Kanzari
Whoa. And why was that happening??
How did you fix the image issue?

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