How to configure my docker container to use a different logging driver

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I don't want to use the default logging driver (json-file) as the logging driver for my docker container.How can I run my docker container to use a different logging driver?

Jul 4, 2019 in Docker by Angad

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When you start a docker container, you can configure it to use a different logging driver than the Docker daemon’s default logging driver( json-file), using the --log-driver flag.Even if the container uses the default logging driver, it can use different configurable options.Say Suppose you want your docker container to use logging driver "gcplogs" instead of the default, you can do it by using the following command:

$ docker run -it --log-driver gcplogs alpine ash

Similarly you could configure it to use any other logging driver like splunk, local, syslog or you can make it none in case you don't need logs for a particular docker container.

answered Jul 4, 2019 by Sirajul
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