How can I map a docker location to my Jenkins workspace so that I can use the files in my Jenkins

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Hey guys,

I was trying to execute few files from my container which are 2 html files which I can later  publish on Jenkins. As my Jenkins is hosted on one host machine not in my local and we are using git . Have to run dockerfile.compose.yml and to do this. My container is a windows container. This is my below dockecompose file:

version: '3.5'



    container_name: alpineautomation

    hostname: alpineautomation


      context: ../..

      dockerfile: devops/k8s/


        GITSHA1: ${GITSHA1}

    image: alpineautomation


         - ./var/lib/jenkins/workspace/AlpineAutomation:C:\\ProgramData


         -  ./var/lib/jenkins/workspace/AlpineAutomation                                                                                                                              

Feb 25, 2020 in Docker by dineshkumar
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So basically, you want to copy those 2 HTML files from a docker container to your Jenkins workspace. Is that what you are asking?
Do you want to mount Jenkins workspace in docker container using Jenkins pipeline? Are you referring to this?

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