How to invoke a Docker secret key in c console application I want a sample code for it

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Actually I want hide a salt key from code so , I going for Docker secret tool, So I have install the Docker Desktop for window , created a key, so I want to access it in C# console application.

So Please provide me the solution as soon as possible.
Mar 20, 2020 in Docker by anonymous
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Are you created the key inside your docker container and now you want to access it in C#? And is your C# application running in the same container?
Yes, I have created the key inside the docker container, and I want to access it in c#, but my application is not running in same container.
So, if you are in the same network than just check your security groups and firewall. If your containers are running in different network, for that you can use host or overlay network. Also try to ping containers from your base machine.
Both are running in same network, but a want a piece of code through which I can access it in my application.

Can tell me how to access it.
I don't know how can we access using code running in different container. But if you enabled SSH in your container, you can use SCP command to transfer your key and can use.

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