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How di I create a new repository on AWS CodeCommit? I'm asked to create a repo and a file inside the repo for my project. Any kind of help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot!
Jun 13, 2019 in AWS by Travis

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Go to your AWS login page and log into your AWS account. If you do not have an account, proceed by creating a free account. Once you log-in, you should see a page as shown below

ss1 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

Search for CodeCommit and click on that service. Further, click on Create Repository to create a repository.

CR1 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

You’ll be prompted to add your Repository Name and Description. Add those and click on Create.

CR2 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

You should something similar to this, notifying a success for creating a repository.

CR2OP - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

There are two ways of connecting your repository – SSH and HTTPS. In this case, I’ll be using HTTPS. Now that a repository has been created, go ahead and create files in the repository. When you create a repository, it’s always empty. You’ll have to create and add files. Get inside the repository that you’ve created and click on Create file.

CF1 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

Once you’ve created the file. Go ahead and add code to the file.

CF2i - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

Now that you’ve written your code, you need to commit these changes. Add Filename, Author name, Email ID, Commit message and click on Commit Changes.

cc1 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

Now when you navigate to the Repository section by Clicking on Repository, you should see your repository there.

NavRepo - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

NavRepo-OP - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

Go ahead and click on your repository, you should see the file that you just created.

answered Jun 13, 2019 by Hannah

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