What are branches in AWS CodeCommit and how to create one?

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What are branches in AWS CodeCommit and how to create one?
Jun 13, 2019 in AWS by Greg

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To create branches, click on Branches on the extreme right

CB1 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

And then click on Create branch on the extreme right top corner as shown below

CB2 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

Add branch name and description and click on Create branch.

CB3 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

You should see something similar to this

CB2-OP - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

You can get inside the branch and see the file that you’d created for your main repository exists in the branch as well.

CB3-OP1 - AWS CodeCommit - Edureka

answered Jun 13, 2019 by Trisha

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