AWS Enterprise Architect Interview Question- Help Urgent

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I am preparing for AWS Enterprise architect position. Here are some sample questions. Can someone please help me answer or guide me the right way to answer these questions ?

If an organization is facing a major change, what is your suggested approach as an AWS Solution Architect to face it? Keep these questions in mind while answering:

  1. What steps will you perform to resolve this situation?
  2. From your point of view, what are the relevant responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect?
  3. How do you normally take AWS architecture requirements to design?
  4. What are key considerations/guidelines when you’re going to make some AWS Architecture recommendations?
  5. How do you approach a pre-sales engagement as an AWS Solution Architect? How do you establish a relationship with AWS salespeople? Please describe.
  6. What challenges are you looking for as an AWS Solution Architect?
  7. How do you share your ideas and knowledge about AWS services/products to customers or other people of your team? Please describe, and show us if possible.
  8. Could you please describe a situation where you interacted with CxOs people or other business leaders?
  9. Please describe a successful project that reflects your design/implementation/consulting experience about AWS Solution Architecture?
  10. What have you done to improve your AWS knowledge within the last year?
  11. What are the most important characteristics of an AWS Cloud solution that you need to take into account when you design it?
Jun 11, 2019 in AWS by Bonnu

1 answer to this question.

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Hey, have a look at the following responses for these questions:

  1. To answer this question, we should first be knowing what the major change is? Are we talking about server migration? Are we talking about cost cutting? Are we talking about changing the entire infrastructure, etc. Without precise directions, you cannot decide what to do..
  2. Responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect would include, Drive designing, implementing, developing and maintaining of AWS services based solutions in emerging technology. Drive technical discussions and explain best approaches to solutions and product options to meet customer needs and explain it to the non-technical department handling the issues. They may also have to prepare technical proposals and work on sizing and estimation. If necessary they can also work at customer's end to ensure customer project delivery.

  3. For this question, talk about some real time use cases/ case studies of AWS. Have a look at this blog that talks about case studies.

  4. When you're making any architecture recommendations, you'd want to keep company and the client interests at the best. Company interests would include the performance improvement, cost optimization, security, recovery system, etc. Client interests would be mainly just the service provided, costs and performance. Concentrate on the stumbling side of the architecture and try to make that better.

  5. AWS Architect makes a pre-sales pitch by focusing on the client's problem and mentioning the their product could solve their issue. Their main focus on their problem and recommend different solutions. 

  6. The major challenge that I expect here or that I wish to learn from this job role would be solving the customer's problem with our services in the best possible way. Developing the best services and preparing the best designs for the customers while benefiting the company. 

  7. The best way to answer this question is by using an example. Take an AWS service you're most familiar with. Now if you're talking to a customer, talk about what the services can do, its features, its advantages, the pricing, how it'll help the customer by reducing the downtime and cost etc. But when you talk about a service to your team, it should be portrayed a little differently. You talk about same things putting focus on the service's features and its use cases than the cost.

  8. Mention a situation based on your personal experience.

  9. Talk about your project in detail. Bring out all the aspects that could contribute in your interview of catch the interview's attention.

  10. There are various ways of improving your knowledge on the topic. Talk about the recent news and recent releases in AWS. Talk about the projects you've worked on recently, taken up a course, etc.

  11. You can answer is this way "The most important characteristic according to me, would be operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. All these got together brings out the best design."

answered Jun 11, 2019 by Kalgi
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Thanks much Kalgi.. Really appreciate you taking time and answering all these questions...

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