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6 AWS Cloud Use Cases which are Revolutionizing Business

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Cloud Computing, a fundamentally alien concept a few years back has changed the way companies operate today. The Enterprise Cloud Market is said to reach $235.1 Billion in 2017 with competition heating up with players like Rackspace, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud!

The key proposition of adopting the cloud is to save cost & improve efficiency within an organization. Also, companies are looking for the ideal cloud platform that helps them build a scalable global infrastructure at the lowest cost, deploy new applications instantly, scale up workload based on demand, and remain secure!

However, there can be hidden costs associated with cloud migration. A seemingly inexpensive service might come with unexpected fees, potentially leading to situations where a company might need a short-term solution like a 1000 dollar loan.

One of the early birds in Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) specializes in offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services or cloud computing. Learn more with the AWS Course.

AWS has served a range of customers across different industries with different cloud needs. Be it Nokia or Pfizer or Comcast, AWS cloud has helped address organizational needs by providing customized solutions for every requirement. We will now look at the various AWS Cloud Use Cases.

Here are 6 AWS Cloud Use Cases Revolutionizing Business:

Pfizer: A Global Leader in Pharmaceutical Industry, Pfizer wanted to address its issue of handling peak computing needs. The Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) was set up to enhance Pfizer’s high-performance computing software and systems for worldwide research and development. The Virtual Private Cloud in addition helped Pfizer to respond to new challenges by increasing computational capacity beyond the capacity of its existing HPC (high-performance computing) systems. As a result, Pfizer saved additional hardware/software investments and focused investing into its other WRD activities.

Shazam: Shazam has helped it connect to over 200 million people in more than 200 Countries spanning 33 languages.  With the task of creating brand awareness, Shazam was gearing up for the Super Bowl advertising. Their need to address the expected spike in demand after the advertising campaign was addressed using the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) with the Traffic distributed across these instances with Elastic Load Balancing. Along with that Shazam availed services of Amazon DynamoDB for secondary data activity & Amazon Elastic MapReduce for Big Data Analytics. With over 1 million transactions after the Superbowl event, Shazam was able to process a million transactions with Amazon EC2 and improve its efficiency.

Nokia: Nokia Corporation, a yesteryear leader in Mobile Manufacturing had its key markets in India, Asia Pacific, Africa and South America. Nokia’s Xpress Internet Services platform focussed on providing Internet services on the go for these markets. A platform that runs on 2200 servers and collects 800 GB data per day, Nokia was looking to scale the database and generate reports more efficiently than do it in a traditional database. After moving to AWS and using the Amazon Redshift(Data Warehouse) , Nokia was able to run queries twice as fast as its previous solutions and use business intelligence tools to mine and analyze big data at a 50% reduced cost!

NASA: Its most ambitious projects the Curiosity Mission which aims to put an exploration rover into Mars included an 8 month voyage. The Mission included a sophisticated & meticulous landing procedure with a ‘sky crane manoeuvre that gently lowered the Curiosity to the surface of Mars. NASA wanted to make sure that this historic moment was shared with its fans across the globe by providing real-time details of the mission to the public. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory used AWS to stream the images and videos of the Curiosity’s Landing. The use of Amazon Route 53 and Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) enabled NASA to balance the load across AWS regions and ensure the availability of its content under all circumstances.  The model helped NASA provide hundreds of gigabits/second of traffic for hundreds of thousands of viewers in real time and helped it to connect with the rest of the world.

Learn more about Migrating to AWS and its framework from the AWS Cloud Migration Certification.

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Netflix: A renowned player in the US when it comes to online content streaming, Netflix partnered with AWS for services and delivery of content. AWS enables Netflix to execute thousands of servers and terabytes of storage within minutes. Users could stream Netflix content from anywhere in the world including web, tablets and mobile devices.

Airbnb: A company that focused on connecting property owners and travelers for renting unique vacation spaces around the world faced service administration challenges with its original provider. It soon shifted to AWS cloud where it used over 200 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances for its applications, memcache, and search servers. Along with that in order to process and analyze 50 Gigabytes of data daily, Airbnb used Amazon Elastic Mapreduce(Amazon EMR). There are other services such as Amazon Cloudwatch, AWS Management Console, Simple Storage services which were used by Airbnb as well. Airbnb was able to save costs and prepare for growth after availing the services of AWS and is completely satisfied.

Now that you have learned the various AWS Cloud Use Cases, if you want to work as a cloud engineer or start your career in cloud computing, now is the time to do it. You may become a successful cloud engineer by obtaining the necessary qualifications. You may also take an online Cloud Computing Course.

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6 AWS Cloud Use Cases which are Revolutionizing Business