Is there a way to restrict permissions to a user per individual job in jenkins?

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I have a list of Jenkin jobs and i want a user (say user1) to have read permission on few jobs and all (full) permissions on other jobs.Is there a way i can restrict the permissions as per this in jenkins?
May 28 in Jenkins by Sam
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Yes, you can configure user permissions per individual jobs.
Jenkins allows you to give different permissions to a user across different jobs,using "Project-based Matrix Authorization strategy".
Follow the steps to do this, 

  •  From the jenkins dashboard,click on Manage Jenkins.

  •  under Manage jenkins->Configure Global Security->select Enable security.

  •  Under the Authorization section, select the "Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy"

  •  Add the particular user and assign the appropriate permissions.

  • And then to assign Job specific permissions :

    • Go to the job (say job1) for which you need to assign permissions.

    • Click Configure->under the general tab->Enable Project-based Security.

    •  Add the particular user (say user1) and assign the required permissions.

This is useful when specific jobs shouldn't be accessed by certain users.

answered May 28 by Sirajul
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