How to set permissions for a user in Jenkins

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Hi Team,

I have one user in Jenkins. I want to give read access to that user. How can I do that?

Dec 6, 2020 in Jenkins by akhtar
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You can give access to your user in Jenkins according to your need. The following below given steps show how to give access to a user.

  1. Login to Jenkins.

  2. Go to Manage Jenkins.

  3. Go to Configure Global Security.

  4. Select Jenkins own User Database.

  5. Tick the checkbox “Allow Users to Sign Up”.

  6. Select Matrix-based security.

  7. Select the button “Add user or group”.

  8. Write User or Group name – write the user name of the user you created.

  9. Tick the read-option.

  10. Save and Apply.

answered Dec 6, 2020 by MD
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