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Hi I have few queries.

Need some information regarding Cloud Computing and DevOps. I am confused whether to go into AWS or Azure. Most people are saying now the boom is there for Azure and Devops. But everywhere the AWS and DevOps is showing as combination and everywhere training is provided in this combo only. Also the structure of training for AWS is good compare to AZURE. Please advise.
May 23 in Career Counselling by Srinivas

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Hey @Srinivas, the reason all the courses have a combination of Azure and DevOps is that AWS provided features for DevOps while no other organization did. Now Azure has been growing and they've come up with some really cool DevOps services which are(in my opinion) way better than what AWS provides. If you haven't already started using AWS for your DevOps infrastructure, it's better you go for Azure. DevOps with Azure isn't completely built yet but it the next big thing or it is going to grow. 

answered May 23 by Kalgi
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Once upon a time or you can say now also there is a demand for AWS. But the way Azure is coming with their features along with DevOps, Big data and Machine learning features are definitely going to rule the market in the future.

answered May 27 by Anushri

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