What skills are required for the role of Business Analyst?

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I got a job opportunity for the role of Business Analyst, but I am not sure which all skills are required for the role. Can someone suggest?
May 10 in Career Counselling by Mugdha

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Hey Mugdha, skills required for the role of Business Analyst are:

  1. Conceptual Thinking, Data Analysis and Modelling

  2. Business Intelligence Software and knowledge in Analytical Programs

  3. Understanding of Objectives

  4. Exceptional Communication Skills

  5. Ability To Run Stakeholder Meetings

  6. Excellent Presentation Skills.

  7. Good Time Management Skills

answered May 10 by Abha
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Hi Abha, can you also share some hard skills required for this job role? Like qualification or technical skillset.
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Skills required for the role of the Business Analyst are as follows:

  • Develop your Modelling Skills.
  • Documentation and Writing skills.
  • Be excellent at Time management.
  • Hone your presentable skills.
  • Good verbal and communication skills.

answered May 22 by Gitika
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