What are the prerequisites to learn cloud computing AWS?

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I want to learn Cloud computing, but I am not sure how to start or what things I should know before I start Learning?

May 8 in Career Counselling by sana
Basic requirements would be Operating Systems, Virtualization and Networking concepts I believe.

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The AWS Cloud or Amazon cloud offers a wide range of infrastructure services, such as storage options, computing power, networking and databases to businesses, helping them scale and grow, So if you want to take cloud computing course, you wonder what prerequisites one needs. This is the question that bothers most of the IT professionals who want to dive into the world of cloud. 

About the concepts you need to know while you opt for the technology are:

  • Knowledge on Operating System.
  • Knowledge on Virtualization.
  • Knowledge on Networking.

With the growing buzz and exponential rise of cloud dependency, demand for cloud computing professionals is not going to decrease in the coming years.

answered May 8 by Gitika
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Hey Sana, some of the prerequisites for learning AWS are:

  • Having basic knowledge of operating systems like Windows OS, Linux etc

  • As Visualization play a major role in AWS you need to have the understanding of it

  • Networking is an essential skill as all operations on cloud platform involves it.

  • Understanding the difference between the Public and Private cloud

  • Last but not the least, you must have basic command over coding

answered Jun 21 by Anvi
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Appreciate your reply. Could you go over 'must have basic command over coding' in brief? I am not sure what all languages will one need to have an idea about and to what level ,this expertise can be expected. For example I am only aware of basic SQL commands, basic linux commands. Will that do? Or by having command over coding, you meant knowing Java, .NET, PHP etc.? Any answer will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hey @Neeraj, you'll definitely need to know the Linux commands, and python as AWS uses Boto which is based on python. Now rest of the programming language knowledge requirements will depend on what you are trying to do with AWS. Like if you need to build an application on AWS, you might need the knowledge of PHP, NodeJS, HTML, Angular, React, etc. 

But the best part about AWS is that it lets you perform all kinds of action with just configuring the service by just playing around with options which on-prem might require you to have strong programming skills.

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