ERROR! with_dict expects a dict - When creating a new keypair using Ansible

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I am trying to create a keypair in aws using Ansible but it is throwing me below error: 

ERROR! with_dict expects a dict

Below is my keypair.yml

- hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  gather_facts: no
    region: ap-southeast-1
    keyname: aws_ansible
    - name: create a key-pair
        module: ec2_key
        region: "{{region}}"
        name: "{{keyname}}"
        state: present
      register: mykey

    - name: write private key to a file
      local_action: shell echo -e "{{ item.value.private_key }}" > ~/.ssh/"{{ keyname }}".pem &&
        chmod 600 ~/.ssh/"{{ keyname }}".pem
      with_dict: mykey
      when: item.value.private_key is defined
Apr 8 in Ansible by Aisha

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Depends on the version you're using. I'm assuming you're using Ansible 2.x. 

Try this:

with_dict: "{{ mykey }}"
answered Apr 8 by Anshul

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