Error Failed to get data from the API server - when trying to create a new role structure using ansible galaxy

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I tried creating a  new role structure using the ansible galaxy command but ended up with this error:

$ ansible-galaxy install asangal.wavefront-ansible
 [WARNING]: - asangal.wavefront-ansible was NOT installed successfully: Failed to get data from the API server ( a bytes-like object is
required, not 'str'

ERROR! - you can use --ignore-errors to skip failed roles and finish processing the list.
Mar 14, 2019 in Ansible by Laksha

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Check your python version. It should be 2.x.
answered Mar 14, 2019 by Haider
My python version is 2.7.10
Make sure no other version of python is installed. By default,Haider ansible should be using this 2.7.10 version.
Ohh yeahh, I have a 3.5 version of python on my system and my ansible was using this python. i changed it to 2.7.10 and it works fine. Thank you

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