Running a playbook using Ansible on Jenkins

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I am trying to run an Ansible playbook via Jenkins

    - hosts: all
    - name: Print message
      debug: msg="Hello number 2 from Ansible!!"
    - name: ping all hosts
    - debug: var=ansible_all_ipv4_addresses
    - name: Update the repository cache and update package "nginx" to latest version using default release squeeze-backport
        name: nginx
        state: latest
        update_cache: yes
    - name: Copy config files for nginx
        src: ./Config-Files-Prod/NGINX Redirect/
        dest: /etc/nginx
        force: yes
        directory_mode: yes

But I end up with the following error:

Could not find or access './Config-Files-Prod/NGINX Redirect/'\nSearched in:\n\t<
Apr 4 in Ansible by Asha

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Hey, @Asha seems like you've added a wrong path to the source. Check if you've added the correct path. Let me know.
answered Apr 4 by Akhil

Yeah! I was using the wrong path. I changed the path to 

../Config-Files-Prod/NGINX Redirect/

And it worked!! Thank you:)

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