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How do I practice a DevOps model? How do I go about deploying a project using DevOps Model?
Mar 29, 2019 in Other DevOps Questions by Nisha

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There are 5 main steps that you need to follow to carry out your project with the Devops Model.

Plan and TrackIdentify and track work using practices and processes like Kanban boards and agile. When work is tracked visually, stakeholders have clear insight into the development team’s capacity and can better plan and prioritise tasks—and avoid fire drills.

Develop: Write code using modern version control systems like Git to integrate continuously and safely to the master branch. When a feature is complete, the developer submits a pull request and once approved, changes are merged to master and the old branch is deleted.

Build and Test: Checking in code to Git or another version control system kicks off an automated build process. The code is tested and validated, ensuring that bugs are caught early in development—when they are fresh in the developer’s mind and less costly to fix. This process of automating build and test is called continuous integration (CI). A production-deployable artifact is the result of successful build and integration, enabling continuous delivery (CD)—the ability to deploy to production at any time.

Deploy: Once tested and validated, each change is deployable to the production environment. Using continuous delivery practices, final deployment to production is a manually controlled business decision.

Monitor and Operate: Once live in production, monitoring delivers information about your app’s performance and usage patterns. Achieve high availability by getting immediate, rich diagnostic data that your team can act on quickly. Mitigate issues for users and gather data to make informed business decisions about future development. And, with automated compliance policies using infrastructure as code and policy as code, you will ensure that the apps you deploy to production use desired-state configurations that align to security best practices.

answered Mar 29, 2019 by Ananya

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