Will a change in the domain name affect the working of my Client

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Hi. I have a RPA client running. I used some random domain name before and now I want to change it to a relevant domain name. I want to know whether changing the domain name will affect the working of my client

Mar 29, 2019 in RPA by ArchanaNagur
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Yes, The Client that has already been registered and has a domain change will have to be re-registered as the domain name is required especially while scheduling tasks and using the Auto-Login feature.

You can verify the correct Domain Name in the Machine Information section of Control Room for that particular Client.

The Client that has had a domain name changed can do any of the following (in the sequence mentioned):

1. Change the Application Path in Tools > Options > Advanced Settings. This will ensure that all the data that was available in the earlier path is available to the Client in the current domain.

2. Create a New Client. However, it is recommended that you use this option as a last resort.
answered Mar 29, 2019 by Iffath
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