What is the recommended way to open an application as part of a task in Automation Anywhere

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I want to know the right method to open an application in case of change in the location of icons and other user generated events which generate an error when you try to open them.
Apr 1, 2019 in RPA by shubham
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The recommended methods for opening an application in a task include:
• When you record a task, double-click the application icon on the desktop.
• Click on the Start menu, and then Programs. Select the application.

If the location of these icons change, resulting in an error when the task runs, follow these recommendations:
1. Open the task in the Task Editor.

2. Select the actions that involve navigating to menu items and clicking. They might involve several mouse moves and mouse clicks.

3. Delete these actions

4. Replace them with single-line commands that you create by double-clicking the Open Program/File command and specifying the path to the application. The Open Program/File dialog includes a text box in which you can type parameters that Automation Anywhere can pass to the application.

5. The task can now open your application, regardless of where the icon is located.

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answered Apr 1, 2019 by Iffath
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