How To Set Folder Permissions in Elastic Beanstalk Using YAML File

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I have created a Web API Elastic Beanstalk app using C#. It needs a folder outside the deployment directory that the IUSER and IIS_USERS users can write to. 

I've created a .config file and put this in the top level .ebextensions folder in my project. The contents are below:

    command: mkdir C:\\AppFolder\\

    command: cacls C:\\AppFolder\\ /t /e /g IUser:f IIS_Users:f

The permissions aren't set. I can't figure out the issue. Any suggestions

Mar 15, 2019 in AWS by Archana
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I am not sure about using Yaml. Try it out with JSON. Also, It looks like you are using invalid .net accounts. Check the out. That is part of the reason why your permissions are not being set. 

Hope this helped!

answered Mar 15, 2019 by datageek
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