Kubernetes dashboard not showing up outside

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I was following a blog posted by Edureka to install kubernetes on a 2 node cluster (one master and 2 nodes). Everything went fine, and when I use curl to access dashboard I am getting html code response. But I have a requirement of accessing this dashboard using the private IP of this VM internally within the corporate network. I can easily SSH to this VM if I am connected to a VPN, so should be able to access this dashboard too.

Since I am using Ubuntu 16.04 server, I don't have a browser to access the dashboard internally and so, would require the kube dashboard through private IP. Here are some results for the commands I fired after googling:

admin@master:~$ kubectl -n kube-system get service kubernetes-dashboard

NAME                   TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)   AGE

kubernetes-dashboard   ClusterIP   <none>        443/TCP   23h

admin@master:~$ kubectl describe svc kubernetes-dashboard -n kube-system

Name:              kubernetes-dashboard

Namespace:         kube-system

Labels:            k8s-app=kubernetes-dashboard

Annotations:       <none>

Selector:          k8s-app=kubernetes-dashboard

Type:              ClusterIP


Port:              <unset>  443/TCP

TargetPort:        8443/TCP


Session Affinity:  None

Events:            <none>

Can someone please help me at the earliest.?

Mar 12 in Kubernetes by Vysakh SN

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answered Mar 16 by anonymous
I did try that, but still ext IP is showing none.
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You can use kubectl forward or proxy for temporary show dashboard on time that you want. In my opinion. Kubernetes's dashboard shouldn't show all the time.

answered Mar 18 by Prav
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Hey @Vysakh, you've used the service type as ClusterIP. When you use clusterIP, you services include the dashboard will only be visible inside your cluster. Use service type as NodePort or LoadBalancer to get an external IP.
answered Mar 18 by Kalgi
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In dashboard yaml, change cluster ip to nodeip, or you can forward it via proxy
answered Mar 19 by anonymous

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