What is the data model of DynamoDB

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Hey, I was trying to understand about DynamoDB and got stuck with the data model it follows being a NoSQL database system. Can someone help me with clarifying this doubt?
Mar 11, 2019 in AWS by Dushyant

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The data model in DynamoDB can be described as follows:-

Table: A table is a collection of data items just like a table in a relational database is a collection of rows. Here each table can have an infinite number of data items. As you know that, Amazon DynamoDB is schema-less, in that the data items in a table need not have the same attributes or the same number of attributes.

Item: An Item is composed of a primary or composite key attributes. There is no explicit limitation on the number of attributes associated with an individual item, that is the factor which makes DynamoDB unique. The aggregate size of an item, including all the attribute names and attribute values, cannot exceed 400KB, this is the only limitation but again it is sufficient enough.

Attribute: Each attribute associated with a data item is composed of an attribute name (e.g. “UserID”) and a value or set of values (e.g. “ED1” or "ED2, ED3, ED4”). Individual attributes have no explicit size limit, but the total value of an item i.e including all attribute names and values cannot exceed 400KB.

Hope this helps you with your query on data model supported by DynamoDB.

answered Mar 11, 2019 by Esha Gupta

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