How does Puppet apply configuration to agent nodes?

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I've recently started learning Puppet and I'm unable to understand how puppet works. What is its workflow? How does it manage the configurations of agent nodes?
Mar 8 in Puppet by Mogli

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Puppet follows this workflow:

  • There is a factor present on all the agent nodes. Puppet master collects the details of these agent nodes through factor. It gets all the machine level configurations of these agent nodes.
  • Next, it compares with the collected configuration with defines configuration and creates a catalog about what other changes are needed. This catalog is then sent to all the agent nodes.
  • These agent nodes then apply these catalog mentioned configuration changes to their system to achieve the desired configuration.
  • Finally, when the agent nodes have achieved the desired configuration, it sends a success message and the report to the master.
answered Mar 8 by Veena

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