Unable to find the TargetArguments path While configuring dot cover in VSTS

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I installed resharper CL in my build server and have added CL task in my VSTS build profile:

Build profile

In this project, I am using xUnit test project. My main problem is target executable path. I tried installing xUnit as it is VS extension. But how can I use xUnit as target executable?

Following is the command line I want to use:

dotcover analyse  /TargetExecutable={Path to Xunit}"   /TargetArguments= $(Build.SourcesDirectory)+"\xxxxxx.AD.UnitTest\bin\Release\VonExpy.AD.UnitTest.dll"   /Output="AppCoverageReport.html"   /ReportType="HTML"
Mar 27, 2018 in DevOps & Agile by Atul
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For your unable to find the TargetArguments path issue, the parameter value for TargetArguments is not correct

Change it to: /TargetArguments="$(Build.SourcesDirectory)\xxxxxx.AD.UnitTest\bin\Release\VonExpy.AD.UnitTest.dll"

Now for the xUnit test, according to this thread: Error encountered when running dotcover console runner using xunit as the target executable, you hsould use xunit.console.exe in xunit.runner.console package.

answered Mar 27, 2018 by ajs3033
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Totally agree with this, it has worked for me..

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