How do I install Jenkins on Windows

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How do I install Jenkins on windows? I need a little help.
Feb 28, 2019 in Jenkins by Laksha

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Hey Laksha, before you start installing Jenkins on windows, have a look at the pre-requisites

Now follow these steps to install Jenkins:

Go to and select the platform, in our case, it'll be Windows

Download it and then on your local system, go to downloads and unzip the file

You'll get an unzipped file - jenkins.msi, double-click on it and run the installer.

In the installer, click on next

Select the location where you want to install Jenkins and then click next

Click on the Install Button

Once the installation is completed, click on finish

During the installation you might get a popup asking you to reboot the system for complete set up of Jenkins, just click on yes

Now Jenkins is installed, you can access it from http://localhost:8080 and page will look something like this, asking you to unlock Jenkins

Initial Administrator password will be located where your Jenkins is installed. You should see a file called secrets/initialAdminPassword

Copy the password and paste in on the Unlock Jenkins page and click on Continue Button.

answered Feb 28, 2019 by Kalgi

edited Feb 28, 2019

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