I m facing a login error when I try to run Jenkins on Docker How do I solve this

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I’m trying to run Jenkins on docker.

After I pull the Jenkins image with this command

docker pull jenkins

I tried to start Jenkins image by following the below command:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 -v /your/home:/var/jenkins_home jenkins

But when I login to http://localhost:8080/ I get a login error which happens because I don’t have the generated admin password. How do I solve this?

Jul 24, 2018 in Jenkins by Tyrion anex
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You have to open the /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log file to check the admin password.

The password is stored in /var/jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword.
You can use the below command to access it.

docker exec <container> cat /var/jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword

where <container> is your container id

answered Jul 24, 2018 by Sophie may
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