The only obstacle to getting a job today is having the right skills What do you ll think guys

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The article in

It clearly reports that the fanciest of jobs (AI & DA) of 2019 are facing a severe shortage of skilled human resource. And there is no doubt that unemployment is at an all time high now. The only way I see this getting fixed is if we go out of our way and learn the hottest technologies and actually be employable.

PS: This thread is open to debate :)
Bring on your opinion...
Feb 16, 2019 in Events & Trending Topics by Vardhan
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I totally agree to the point made by @vardhan, I think in today's time jobs are more product centric and in engineering students are not taught appropriate skills required to get a job. Eg computer science students are taught electronics that is of no use later inthe industry. Instead of teaching programming and subject related to computer science they add courses that are irrelevant in engineering.
answered Feb 18, 2019 by Dev
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Looking at Dev's answer he pretty much nailed an important subject matter: What should the correct education for the 21st century look like and who gets to choose what students should learn? As a newbie, I struggle with which language is best to learn, Java, Python, JS... Many jobs will disappear over the next decade due to tech. I know as I was replaced by an algorithm. My fault, did not keep abreast with how quickly tech was advancing and thought I was pretty safe in the career I had. Worse, I was working in an industry whose job it is to implement tech to the general market. Talk about getting blindsided... Losing your job to tech is real today in jobs one consider as fairly safe/always in demand. Add Covid19 to the mix and programming/advanced systems will be in demand at least for a while, but only if you have the skills. Which skills?

A big future lies in tech and programming and looking how the landscape has changed in a mere 10 years, I believe that the programming language of choice 20-30 years from now might not exist today. The same applies to jobs. Due to the volume of programmers already in the market, many do not reach their initial goal and end up in low pay or dead-end jobs. So what remains is something that everyone need or think they need: more products. The questions is: Which language do you learn now to become employable or create your own enterprize? More importantly, as more and more functions become easier through tech: At which point do products start to merge to create systems that render man obsolete?
answered Apr 9, 2020 by anonymous

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