Error saying msg Failed to import docker-py - No module named requests packages urllib3 Try pip install docker-py

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I'm trying to build a docker image using the docker_image module of ansible.

my playbook:

 - name: Install dependent python modules
     name: "{{item}}"
     state: present
    - docker-py

 - name: Build container image for api
      name: api
      path: /home/abc/api/ #location of my Dockerfile

Ans I encountered this error:

"msg": "Failed to import docker-py - No module named 'requests.packages.urllib3'. Try `pip install docker-py`"
Feb 9, 2019 in Ansible by Hari

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Hey @Hari, In addition to docker-py install the following packages:

- requests 
- urllib3
answered Feb 9, 2019 by Monish
still the same issue.
Hey @Athar, what Ansible version are you using?

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