How to get job experience along with regular academics

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Hello. I am a 2nd-year Computer Science engineering student. Recently, I have seen my seniors attend internships to get experience for jobs. But my college provides only 6 months for an internship (like most colleges). Most of the students do 6 months of internship so I was planning to somehow spend more time getting experience. But the problem is that I can't spend more time on the internship because I have my academics also to take care of. Is there any way to get experience along with my regular academic schedule to get more experience?
Jan 29, 2019 in Career Counselling by Anuj

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I can think of two ways to get experience while doing your academics.

Freelancing: There are many websites online that allow you to work as a freelancer. You can work as a freelancer and then add these projects to your resume. You might not get paid much (or maybe not get paid at all) but you will gain experience.

Volunteering: There are many non-profit organizations who look for volunteers to build a web application or software application for them. You can get in touch with such non-profit organizations and try building an application for them. Though you won't get paid, you will gain experience and add the projects to your resume. Along with experience, you will have helped them too. 

answered Jan 29, 2019 by Shashi
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At this point, you need to schedule your time if you want job experience. Some of the points if you can put it in your schedule are as follows:-

  • First, try to talk to your professors regarding any company reference for an internship.
  • Get connected to social media to get updated with the new technology. If you can utilize your vacation time for an internship.
  • There are many companies who provide online internship, you can utilize your academics as well as can get internship certification.
  • This is not going to hamper either your academics and you can get internship certification and as well as experience.
answered May 24, 2019 by Gitika
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