Kubectl get pods not showing any pods - Kubernetes using Kops

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I've created a kubernetes cluster using kops and now I'm trying to check if all my pods are running. I've also joined my nodes to the cluster and all my nodes seemed to be in the ready state.

I execute this command to check pod status:

kubectl get pods

but I don't see anything, no error no pods.

Have I done something wrong?
Jan 23 in Kubernetes by Alia
Can you show me the output of kubectl get nodes
My nodes have successfully joined the cluster and are in Ready state.

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Hey @Alia, 

I agree with @Harish, It is not possible for the nodes to be in the ready state if the pods haven't come up. Also what command exactly have you been using for getting the pods?

The command that should be used:

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
answered Jan 23 by Kavya
Ohh thanks @Kavya, I was using just kubectl get pods. How stupid of me.

kubectl get pods --all-namepsaces worked for me.

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