Error saying "conflicting action statements: user, uri"

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I'm running an ansible playbook but I end up with this error:

conflicting action statements: user, uri


- name: install
  hosts:  director.0
  gather_facts: no
- name: elastic cluster ready wait 
  url: https://mlaascloudui.{{ lookup('env','ENV') }}{{elasticClusterDetails.elasticsea$
  method: GET
  user: admin
  password: "{{****}}"
  force_basic_auth: yes
  register: result
  until: result['status']|default(0) == 412
  retries: 60
  delay: 10
- name: watcher
Jan 8 in Ansible by Ali
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YAML files are very sensitive about the spacing. You've made a small spacing mistake. 

uri should be under "- name". Change that and it should work fine. 

answered Jan 8 by krishti

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