Security Auditor career path

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Suppose there is a person working as a Security Auditor for about 2-3 years, what are the roles he/she might get promoted to next?
Jan 3 in Career Counselling by Kapoor
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I am not sure about 2-3 years of experience, the person might require a little more than that (4-5 years). The roles that a Security Auditor gets promoted to are: 

  • Security Specialist
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Consultant
answered Jan 3 by Judi
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Hello Kapoor, a Security Auditor can have following career path:

  1. Security Administrator

  2. Network Administrator

  3. System Administrator

  4. Security Specialist

  5. Security Analyst

  6. Security Engineer

  7. Security Consultant

  8. Security Manager

  9. IT Project Manager

  10. Security Director

answered Jun 10 by Yogita

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