How much do Computer hardware Engineers get paid?

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How much do Computer Hardware Engineers get paid? Also, I think they do not get paid as well as data analysts, data scientists, DevOps Engineers, software developers, full-stack developers, and other IT job profiles even though they play a very crucial role in an IT company. Why is that so? Or I've got the wrong information, correct me in that case. Thank you..
Jan 2 in Career Counselling by Ali
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Hey @Ali, first of all, it's a misconception that computer Hardware Engineers do not get paid enough. They get paid pretty well, starting from $60,000 ranging up to $200,000. Computer Hardware Engineers are mandatory in every company but the team size may vary so they are always in demand.

answered Jan 2 by Vishnu
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I'm a Computer Hardware Engineer and I feel I don't earn enough for the work I do. I totally agree with @Ali on other IT profiles getting better pay. I myself am planning to shift to another field.
answered Jan 2 by Anshul

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