Jenkins not running as expected after changing the default port

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Hi Team,
Jenkins installed on Ubuntu machine and the service running fine with root user. 
the issue is here not able to access

urls Jenkin service. Default port changed to 8081


Jenkin service running
Not able to ping any of the above 3urls from windows machine.

Dec 19, 2018 in Jenkins by Ali
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If your Jenkins is running on Ubuntu Virtual machine and you want to access it through windows, then make sure that inside the virtual machine, the firewall is disabled.

Also if you are using static IP then it would be a problem accessing Jenkins URL.

Please follow the below steps and let us know if that works or not?

Please follow the below steps to access jenkins from windows host

  • Go to settings:
  • Go to system settings--> go to network
  • Go to options 
  • Go to ipv4 settings--> and change manual to autimatic
  • After saving please reboot the machine:
  • And type ifconfig and now you can see a DHCP ip 
  • And now use this IP address and now you will be able to connect to your Jenkins dashboard.
answered Dec 19, 2018 by Charlie

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