How could I integrate Selenium with Jenkins

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How could I integrate Selenium with Jenkins?

Dec 19, 2018 in Jenkins by Ali
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Hey @Ali, follow these steps to integrate selenium with jenkins

Assumption- Already have jenkins installed and running and java path is explicitly added.

Follow these steps to execute selenium built using jenkins:

  • Create a batch file save it where your jenkins.war is saved
  • Create a new build in jenkins as freestyle
  • Go to Advanced Project -> check Use Custom Workspace -> Inset the location of your project directory
  • Go to Manage Jenkins -> Configure system -> Build
  • Select Execute Windows Batch command -> under command, add the name of the batch file you've created -> Save and Apply
  • Finally, run your build and check the console output.
answered Dec 20, 2018 by Eric

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Hey All, you can use following steps to integrate selenium with jenkins. You first need to build a project in Jenkins using Ant or Maven:

1. Create a new job in Jenkins by clicking New Item.

2. Select Maven project in the option. If Maven project option is not available then you need to install maven plugin and then follow these steps.

3. Give a name to the job and click OK.

4. Now go to manage jenkins and then configure system. Here make sure you have JDK installed and correct JAVA_HOME.

5. Now go to the build section of the new job. In the root POM enter the path to your pom.xml file. In the goals and options enter clean install or clean test or whatever maven commands that you wish to execute. Then click on apply.

6. Now go to your project page and click on build now option. now maven will build the project and testng will run the test cases. Once the build process is done, you can click on the project on the jenkins dashboard. You can now see the result of your project.You can also the output in the console output option.

answered Sep 19, 2019 by Abha
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