What is NLP Can you tell me about its future

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How useful can it be working on NLP chatbots project?
Dec 18, 2018 in Data Analytics by Aman
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@Aman, NLP has a great future ahead as its going to be used almost everywhere.

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Hello @Aman, NLP i.e. Natural Language Processing is a natural enabler for intelligent applications.

As it is powered by semantic and cognitive technologies that enable the future of NLP to use its potential for humans benefits like understanding of speech and text.

NLP is a form of Artificial Intelligence that helps machine understand and read the text by simulating the human ability to read and speak.

The best example of NLP in use can be Google's pixel-3 in screen calling.

This feature helps you listen to the caller's voice and simulate it in text on your screen so that if you are in the middle of a meeting you get to receive the call and have a conversation with the caller.

Again, NLP is going to replace all the frequent used chat for customers supoport, banking, etc.

Hope this helps.
answered Dec 18, 2018 by Priyaj
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Hey @Aman! Here's what I know

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. To understand what it is, let me break it down for you.

Neuro: It refers to Neurology which means study of nerves.

Linguistic: Refers to language

Programming: Refers to training or learning

So, basically, NLP is understanding the language of your mind. It is used to understand the thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions etc., of a person. And this study is used to give outputs that they would produce or results that is relevant. 

Future of NLP

Well, we all know how Machine Learning and AI are emerging. We are surrounded by Smart Systems even without realizing it. Smartphones, online services, customer services, automation and many more. And NLP plays a major role in all of these. There's always an effort to make the user experience better, and providing a humane interface is working pretty well (You always see people excited to use services like Siri, Google Assistant etc.). And here's where chatbots come into the picture. 

Working on a chatbot project would be really useful if you are interested in AI or Machine Learning and looking to make a Career in it. It would help you understand the basics and how you can implement what you can. And it would surely make a good impression to people hiring you. 

Hope this helps :-)

answered Dec 18, 2018 by Omkar
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When you ask Siri to give you directions, hundreds of complex codes are initiated which are used to understand what we are trying to say, find what we've asked for and communicate it to us. AI by itself is not enough to do this. This where NLP is used. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. Without NLP computers are not going to know the difference between "Hey" and "Bye", these will just be text based inputs. NLP adds meaning to these words, which helps AI understand its meanings.

NLP featured chatbots give better customer service and satisfaction while also decreasing the overall manufacturing cost from the companies point of view. This seems to be helping the company in both the ways, then why not go for it? I'm sure this technology is not disappearing anytime soon as AI and chatbots have just started coming in.
answered Dec 18, 2018 by Kalgi
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