Writing multiple column in excel UiPath

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I am learning UIPath and my source is excel file. I have excel file with column A,B, C. What I want is to write column A and C only into new excel file.

I get confused which function I should use to read/write. what I want is only column A and C

can anyone help ?
May 9, 2018 in RPA by Vardy
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better make sql connection and write query as "select A & C from Datatable:

I think making an SQL connection and writing query won't be necessary for a simple Excel operation. As Wrecker suggested, desired functionality can be achieved simply by Excel package activities like ReadRange and Remove Data Column.

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You can read the entire Excel sheet with ReadRange. It output a Datatable. For DataTables there is an activity called Remove Data Column (Programming->DataTable). Use this to remove Col B.

answered May 9, 2018 by wrecker
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