What is the job role of AWS Administrator

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What is the job role of AWS Administrator?
Dec 4, 2018 in Career Counselling by Kanishk
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Hello Kanishk, job role of an AWS Administrator have two primary responsibilities: One is to configure the AWS cloud management service and the other is to carefully monitor and manage their services. Both these roles are having an equal priority and must be performed with a higher perfection. The other responsibilities of an AWS Administrator include:

  • To establish metrics and carefully monitor the utilization of AWS resources on a wide scale by making use of highly sophisticated Amazon CloudWatch.

  • Maintaining a backup of the resources is another important responsibility. The administrator has to perform AWS on-premise resources backup from time to time by making extensive use of AWS services.

  • Optimize the resources & work on resource tagging to allocate costs and for carefully planning of budgeting, governance, and reporting.

  • Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) is an integral part of AWS. Creating effective presentations that support C2S overviews is the duty of AWS Administrator.

  • Creating and managing VPC, URL proxies, C2S access points & as well as Bastion Hosts.

  • To communicate with the NISP network team in order to finalize the network connections for the clients VPCs.

  • Effectively monitor billing and develop cost optimization strategies.

  • To monitor the availability and to measure the extent of performance.

  • To manage disaster recovery processes.

  • To maintain data integrity and to access the control while using the AWS application platform.

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answered May 27, 2019 by Rashid

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The job role basically are to implement IT system solutions for Consulting. 

AWS Administrator who will use knowledge and expertise to support the running of company.

They need to maintain corporate systems and IT infrastructure on the cloud.

answered Dec 4, 2018 by Shuvodip
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There are certain roles of an AWS administration listed below:

  • Approve Images For Use As Catalog Items
  • Set Up An AWS Catalog Offering
  • AWS Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • Cloud Formation
answered Jul 30, 2019 by Gitika
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