How to print objects of class using print function in Python?

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Beginning to learn ropes in Python. When I try to print an object of class Foobar using the print()function, I get an output something like this:

<__main__.Foobar instance at 0x7ff2a18c>

For instance, when I call print() on a class object, I would like to print its data members in a certain format that is easy to grasp.

How to achieve this easily in Python? Appreciate some help.

Dec 3, 2018 in Python by Anirudh
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It can be done as shown below:

class Element:
    def __init__(self, name, symbol, number): = name
        self.symbol = symbol
        self.number = number

    def __str__(self):
        return str(self.__class__) + ": " + str(self.__dict__)

And then,

elem = Element('my_name', 'some_symbol', 3)


__main__.Element: {'symbol': 'some_symbol', 'name': 'my_name', 'number': 3}

Hope this helps!

answered Dec 3, 2018 by Nymeria
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