Error: upload failed:Parameter validation failed

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Cannot upload my document to s3 using aws cli.

C:\Users\jino>aws s3 cp C:/Users/jino/Desktop s3://jino
upload failed: Desktop\ to s3://jino/ Parameter validation failed:
Invalid length for parameter Key, value: 0, valid range: 1-inf

can someone help?

Nov 27, 2018 in AWS by Jino
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You have not mentioned the file you want to copy to s3 bucket.

again a good practice is that you should mention the path of your computer contains forward slash while when you use s3, the path there contains back slash.


C:\Users\jino>aws s3 cp C:\Users\jino\Desktop\abcd.txt s3://jino
answered Nov 27, 2018 by Shuvodip Ghosh

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