What are the responsibility as a AWS Architect

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What are the job roles and responsibility of a cloud architect?
Nov 13, 2018 in Career Counselling by Jino
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An AWS architect job responsibilities will include:

  1. Capacity planning of the cloud infrastructure
  2. Design to reduce the risk of architecture change
  3. Allow evolutionary architectures
  4. Plan for testing at production scale
  5. Plan to automate everything
answered Nov 13, 2018 by Priyaj
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The job role for an AWS Architect are as follows:

  1. Develop strategies for risk mitigation, including risks associated with unstable requirements.
  2. Define, articulate and apply architectural principles and patterns.
  3. Perform architecture reviews and assessments.
  4. You will be identifying high-impact research topics in software architecture methods, tools, and trends.
  5. You will assess current state of software quality and development efficiency of products developed by software divisions and appropriately, develop offerings including offerings deck, best practices documents.
  6. You will Provide technical leadership to the team, collaborators and customers.
answered Feb 27, 2019 by Ruchi

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