Glusterfs fuse client consuming high memory - memory leak

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I have set up my glusterfs cluster as Striped-Replicated on GCP Servers, but I am facing memory leak issue with Glusterfs fuse client. Its memory consumption is increasing every day.

Both glusterfs server and glusterfs fuse client is using the latest version(Client-4.1.5, Server- 4.1), but the below process is consuming high memory on the client servers.

glusterfs --fopen-keep-cache=off --volfile-server=gluster1 --volfile-id=/+ 

Every day I can see that memory consumption of the above process is increasing, a temporary fix is to unmount and kill the process.

In my glusterfs client server, I am getting 'Stale File Handle error'. Not sure this error caused the memory leak.

[2018-10-21 04:08:46.921985] W [fuse-bridge.c:1201:fuse_setattr_cbk] 0-glusterfs-fuse: 3705309: SETATTR() /Production/ => -1 (Stale file handle)

Also, my glusterfs server is using default settings. Please help if there is any patches or fix.

Oct 22, 2018 in Linux Administration by Edureka
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what is the gluster version you are using?
For server 4.1.4, client(Fuse) is using 4.1.5. Both are having latest version.

try downgrading it to 

@priyaj, Why? is there any dependency problem with the latest versions?
Did you get this error before or after unmounting and killing the process?
This problem was initially found in 3.12 version itself but this was fixed. You can try using the 3.12 version.

try putting glusterfs inside cgroup with memory limit according to your resource availability using systemd and let me know if it works..

@priyaj,   I think the problem already exists with the old version as well. Is there any patches available ?
Are you sure that downgrading, also are you referring to glusterfs fuse version or server version?
@Jithin, yess try downgrading to either 3.12.8 or 3.12.6 as the issue was sorted in these versions, seems more promising.
Are u referring to server version or client version ?
@vardhan yes there are some unresolved bugs with the version 3.12.x and above
I'm referring the client version here @Jithin.
actually the problem was for high consumption of RAM but it was fixed in version 3.12.2 but again was taken care in 3.12.6
Thank you, let me downgrade it.
I think 3.12.6. is not available to download, can I use 3.12.15 ? I am using ubuntu client machines.
Try 3.12.8 if .6 is not possible.
@kalgi, It is also not available

Available versions are .15, .12, .5

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'Stale File Handle error' occurs when the directory is deleted. So basically the pointer your shell has to that particular inode does not exist. It's just a way system treats the invalid inode pointers. In your case, I think this error occurs because you're unmounting and killing the process.
answered Oct 22, 2018 by Kalgi
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Okay, that is inode issue. We used unmounting to temporarily fix the load issue
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@Kalgi, you mean the backend error, yes am continuously getting this error in backend

answered Oct 22, 2018 by Edureka
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Heyy @Jithin,

Try taking statedumbs from different intervals and post your readings.
answered Oct 22, 2018 by Hannah
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edited Oct 22, 2018 by Hannah

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